0. Etiquette

Players should clearly establish the tone for a match before lists are chosen. No one wants to run a new list for the first time against a well-practiced tournament list. Try to be aware of your Strength of Schedule and your opponent’s record. Players can request a flavour or format of match (e.g. mid-tier, arcs only, Original Trilogy, Mercenaries, or random match), or simply have a regular format match with the expectation that anything goes that is legal in tournament play. Some recommended practices to promote good play experiences are:

0.1 - Players should not reveal their lists until they are ready to play and reveal them more or less simultaneously.

0.2 There should be no alterations to prepared lists after they are revealed.

0.3 - If a flavour or alternative format has been prearranged for the match, take a moment before the match begins to evaluate each other lists and make sure they are appropriate. If there is an issue, appeal to a league boss or another impartial third party and make changes if necessary or switch to another set of lists.

0.4 - “Cherrypicking” (purposefully seeking out weaker opponents) is against the rules, as well as poor sportsmanship. We in the PTL foster a challenging learning environment and encourage all players seek out difficult opponents and to challenge themselves to improve and evolve their game.

1. General Rules

1.1 - Each league season is 8 weeks

1.2 - Each player can only play another player once in the the season for league points.

1.3 - Each player can play a maximum of 7 league games.

1.4 - Each player can play a maximum of 3 league games per week (Monday–Sunday).

1.5 - A TO or other sufficiently impartial player must be available for adjudications. If there is an unresolved dispute concerning an issue and there was no TO or impartial witness to decide it, then the match does not count for league points.

1.6 - A player cannot use the same list twice in a season. This means a player may only use a named pilot card once per season. In addition, a player may not play a list consisting only of the same number of the same generic ships twice.

1.6a - Examples:

In his 1st match Devon plays 4 Black Squadrons (with some loadout) & Howlrunner & Scourge. In his 2nd he plays 4 Black Squadrons (with some loadout) & Mauler Mithel & Dark Curse. In his 3rd he plays 6 Black Squadrons (with some loadout). This is totally legal. He hasn't played the same named pilot cards twice and he hasn't played a list consisting only of the same number of the same generics twice.

Aaron D plays 4 Bwings with ion cannons in his 1st match, then plays 4 Bwings with FCS in his 2nd. This is not legal. He repeated a list consisting only of the same number of the same generics twice.

Mike plays rebel Han Solo in his first match, then plays resistance Han Solo in his second match. This is legal, as he hasn't used the same pilot card twice.

1.7 - League games must be played at a GTA location. Many of us favour Face-2-Face Games, 401 Games, Gameschooled, and Sword & Board, but Meeplemart, Hairy T, X-Planet and all others are also acceptable, as long as you have an impartial witness as described in rule 1.5.

1.8 - Matches follow standard FFG X-Wing TMG tournament rules and 75 minute time frame.

1.9 - If you don't turn up at a time and place pre-arranged with your opponent, without reasonable notice for postponement, you forfeit all league points for the game and the game does not count towards your 7 season games. Your opponent has the option of a rematch.

1.10 - If you play an illegal list you forfeit all league points for the game and the game does not count towards your 7 season games. Your opponent has the option of a rematch.

1.11 - A minimum of 4 matches is required to earn participation prizes.

1.12 - The latest FAQ version applies to Seasonal play.

1.13 - Lists are revealed simultaneously, and players are not allowed to engage in 'list switching' after reveal. Doing so would result in the player forfeiting all league points for the match.

1.13a - The exception to this rule would be if a league official or neutral party highlights an illegality in a list. The player will have a chance to correct their list, with as few changes as possible. If they do not correct their list, rule 1.10 applies.

2. Reporting Matches

2.1 - Exact lists and match results must be reported by Monday afternoon to count for the week previous

2.2 - One player must post the results of the match (along with both players' exact lists) on the Prototype Toronto League Facebook group. Players are encouraged to include a short description of their match. This is generally, but not always, done by the winner.

2.3 - That player must also enter the results of the match in the match reporting form.

3. League Scoring

3.1 - Playing a league match earns 2 points.

3.2 - A win earns 2 points.

3.3 - League point ties are broken by points-killed. If two players are still tied, the tie is broken by strength-of-schedule.

4. Top Cut

4.1 - The size of the top cut is determined by size of participating members as defined in the FFG tournament rules.

4.2 - Top cut rounds are single elimination.

4.3 - The top cut games still count as games for that season, and players are restricted to pilots and lists they did not fly during the regular season.

4.4 - Prizes for the top cut are drafted starting with the first-placed player through to the lowest ranked player.

6. Match Formats

6.0 - While matches must generally conform to standard FFG tournament rules, players may optionally agree adhere to an alternate list-building format, such as the ones describe below. Please be aware that these formats were designed for 1.0 and may not work in 2.0. 

6.1 - 1.0 RandomIzed Match

Both players may agree to a randomized match using the generator below. No other randomizer may be used. You can generate lists in advance using an honour system, but it is recommended that both players have a witness when generating their list.

  1. Go to http://x-wing.fabpsb.net/gindex.php
  2. Fill the Quick Selection box with 3s or enter your collection manually.
  3. Declare your faction before generating.
  4. Generate your list (Mode = "Optimize", Play Mode = "Standard").
  5. You may re-roll up to 2 times but you MUST take the most recently generated list. (You may freely re-roll if your list has a unique pilot you’ve already used this season).
  6. Immediately regret your decision.

6.2 - Original Trilogy Match

Both players may agree to an Original Trilogy match, using the restrictions below.

  1. One player must play Rebels and the other must play Imperials. (Scum is not permitted in an OT match).
  2. If both players agree, lists may be generated randomly as described above.
  3. Lists may only contain ships that appear in the original trilogy movies.
    • Rebels:
      • YT-1300 (Only one per list, for thematic reasons).
      • T65 X-Wing
      • A-Wing
      • B-Wing
      • Y-Wing
    • Imperials:
      • TIE Fighter
      • TIE Advanced
      • TIE Interceptor
      • TIE Bomber
      • Lambda Shuttle
      • Firespray-31
  4. Pilots, crew, and other upgrades that do not appear in the original trilogy are still permitted, except for the following 1.0 cards:
    • Twin Laser Turret
    • Rey (YT-1300 Pilot)
    • Harpoon Missiles

6.3 - Mercenaries Match

Both players may agree to a Mercenaries match, using the restrictions below.

  1. Players build a Rebel or Imperial list 77-points in 1.0 or 154 in 2.0. (Scum is not permitted in a Mercenaries match).
  2. Each player then randomly selects a Scum ship that is 30 points in 1.0 and 60 in 2.0 from the list of community-built mercenaries (generally done by rolling a d20). That ship is added to the list the player brought to the game.
  3. If a player draws a ship with a duplicate unique upgrade or pilot, they re-roll until there is no conflict. Players also re-roll if they draw a pilot that they have used in previous list this season, as per the normal league rules.

6.4 - 1.0 Arcs Only match 

Both players may agree to an Arcs Only match, using the restrictions below.

  1. No munitions (missiles and torpedoes)
  2. No bombs
  3. No turrets upgrades
  4. No ships with primary weapon turrets (including the YT-2400 with Outrider title).

6.5 - Mid-Tier Matches

Both players may agree to a Mid-Tier match, using the restrictions below:

  1. No lists that appear approximately as-is in the Top 40 lists on Meta Analyzer
  2. No individual ship builds that appear as-is in the Top 40 lists on Meta Analyzer

6.6 - Welterweights

Both players may agree to a Welterweight match, using the restrictions below:

  1. Players may only use unique pilots
  2. Unique pilots used cannot have a pilot skill higher then 6 (inclusive of Veteran Instincts and Adaptability).
  3. For 2.0 matches, pilots with Initiative higher then 4 cannot be used.