Welcome to the Ptl open

The Prototype Toronto League is throwing an X-Wing party! Join us for our Second PTL Open, held on October 20-21, 2018 at the Legion (Branch 22) in Toronto, near Woodbine and Danforth.

The Prototype Toronto League is an X-wing league open to all players of any skill level. We focus on friendly, community-driven fun while playing our favourite game! Our mission, as always with X-Wing, is to “Fly Casual” and have a good time. We hope you will join us in October!

This weekend-long X-Wing convention features a unique main tournament, fun and friendly side events, a X-Wing Second Edition trade zone, and cool prizes for everyone! 


A weekend pass is only $40! You can purchase your pass (as well as food and swag) at our online store.

Buy your ticket early (before September 20, 2018) and receive some unique PTL swag: a PTL Open ship marker, a, unique PTL alternative art card, and a free draw from the prize table.

Main Event

The PTL Open consists of six rounds of Swiss pairings followed by top 8 single-elimination rounds, following Extended X-Wing Second Edition rules, including 200-point squad lists.

However! This is a Prototype Toronto League event, and In PTL's meta-bending fashion, players will have the option to bring three different lists to play throughout the Swiss rounds, choosing which list to fly each round. The only list restriction is that you cannot use the same unique pilot more than once between your lists.

Using all three lists will earn you an extra match point in addition to your wins! Using each list twice will earn you a set of three PTL force tokens, regardless of Swiss placement.

The PTL Open 2018 is sponsored by Face to Face Games Toronto, who will be providing affordable meals, and VTTV Live, who will be recording and streaming the event all weekend.

Side Events

Both nights of the convention will feature side events, include Hunger Games and Furball formats, as well as Heroes of the Aturi Cluster, and 2.0 quickbuild Escalation! All X-Wing side events are free to all players.

On Day 1 (Saturday, Oct. 20) the PTL Open will feature an Armada Taskforce Tournament, using the rules below.

  • 200-point fleet maximum

  • 100 points squadron maximum in fleet

  • Commanders optional

  • 3'x3' play area

  • No objectives. The second player gets two objective tokens. After fleets have been deployed, the second player places one in the first player's deployment area, and the other in their own deployment area. When a ship reveals a command dial, if it is at distance 1 of an objective token in their opponent's deployment area, they remove it from the board and gain a victory token worth 50 points at the end of the game.

On Day 2 (Sunday, Oct. 21) the PTL Open will feature a standard Star Wars Destiny tournament.

Registration for the PTL Open includes participation in the X-Wing side events, as well as the Armada and Destiny events. If players wish to only attend the Armada and/or Destiny events (and not the main X-Wing tournament), they can purchase a special discounted ticket at the online store.

Preliminary Schedule

Day 1 (Saturday, Oct 20)

  • 8:30 AM – Registration opens

  • 9:30 AM – Round 1

  • 11:00 AM – Round 2

  • 12:15 PM – Lunch

  • 1:00 PM – Round 3

  • 2:30 PM – Armada Registration opens

  • 3:00 PM – Side events begin

Day 2 (Sunday, Oct 21)

  • 8:30 AM – Registration opens

  • 9:30 AM – Round 4

  • 11:00 – Round 5

  • 12:15 PM – Lunch

  • 1:00 PM – Round 6

  • 2:30 PM – Destiny registration opens

  • 3:00 PM – X-Wing top cut and side events begin

PTL Open 2017 Champion Tristan Singleton

PTL Open 2017 Champion Tristan Singleton


All participants will receive a set of three alternative art PTL upgrade and pilot cards, as well as chances to win items from our prize table, such as custom painted ships and other PTL and Star Wars swag.

  • Each player that plays each of their lists at least once will receive a tournament point.

  • Each player who plays each of their lists twice will receive a set of PTL force tokens.

  • Both the the lowest ranked player (who completes all six games) and the player in 9th place a special PTL prize.

  • The top 16 players will receive a set of PTL charge tokens.

  • Top 8 will receive a set of PTL arc markers and shield tokens.

  • Top 4 will receive PTL maneuver templates.

  • Top 2 will receive PTL tournament trays.

  • The tournament champion will receive a custom plaque.

Additional swag such as shirts, hats, and lunch are also available for sale.


Lunch will be provided by Face to Face Games. Lunch boxes are available for pre-order for $5, and come with a sandwich, pop, chips, and $5 in Face to Face store credit only good on the weekend of the PTL Open. Players will have the choice between ham-and-swiss, tuna salad, and vegan hummus sandwiches. There is no limit to the number of lunch boxes you can order, and sandwiches may also be purchased at the event (although with pop and chips sold separately).

Unfortunately we cannot accommodate gluten-free or low-carb options at this time. Please contact the organizers if you would like to make other food arrangements.

Additional beverages and food will be available at for purchase on site.


The PTL recommends Toronto Don Valley Hotel & Suites. Please call (416) 449-4111 and speak with their staff.

Street parking for the weekend is available from the City of Toronto.